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I'm Catonator, a 24-year-old software engineering student.

Soon to be more active with my (hopefully) lucrative side venture: Distant Illusions! (with Mors)

Link to the Distant Illusions website

I also try to hold a blog on tumblr and am slowly moving to Mastodon.
This site is long overdue for a rewrite... some day.

Below are links to my portfolios.

Music Portfolio Music Portfolio Programming Portfolio Programming Portfolio

Links to games I've worked on before:

(These redirect to the store pages, previews on the music and programming side are on the portfolios)

Screenshot of Khimera: Puzzle Island
Khimera: Puzzle Island

Screenshot of War Girl
War Girl

Screenshot of Spectral Escape
Spectral Escape

Screenshot of Pucamuc

Screenshot of Sosig

Screenshot of Ghostly Getaway
Ghostly Getaway

Screenshot of Crashlanded

Check out my SoundCloud or Bandcamp for more releases!

Link to my Soundcloud profile Link to my Bandcamp profile

You can also download various tracker modules I have made here.

Please contact me at for business inquiries.